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Frequently Asked Questions
About is an initiative of and the result of years of experience on the internet under the name We offer you a large, and in many fronts, a unique assortment. You will find for really any occasion an appropriate gift.

Our combination of our products is unique in the online balloon world. For births, birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries, or just for spoiling presents, visit and combine anything you want. Do you like to have another combination, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0900-bestellen (0900-2378355 15ct/min) or create your own combination of products in your shopping basket.

Why choose for
> An original and unique balloon range
> Nice gifts to your order such as cuddly toys, chocolate, Rituals products, perfume etc.
> Own delivery the following day to every address in the Netherlands via a courier specialized
> Special Kingsize balloons and singing balloons.
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How to use the searchfunction:
On the homepage of you can use the search function. You can type one or more keywords to search our online shop searches. After a search, completed with a 'return', a list of links to pages will apear where the word or words from your search returns.
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Why is a member of the Dutch Homeshopping Organization?
Why is member of the Dutch Homeshopping Organization? is one of the few online balloon webshops which is member of this organization. This is an industry organization for companies with sales from distance. Membership ensures that we have to keep all the rules and conditions in mind of the online sales, but also that we are a reliable organization which will take care of your order with the utmost. is from the start member of the Dutch Homeshopping Organization, its' sister website ' is member of the Homeshopping Organization since May 13, 2003. This ensures you as a customer that we comply with all statutes and codes of conduct drawn up to your right.
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Ordering: ordering on the website?

Order via is fast and simple, you can order in only three easy steps and pay online.
1. Order the product of your choice and complete it with any other products. Login or go further without login.
2. Fill in the delivery address and the billing address
3. Select the delivery date and time possible, select a method of payment, check your order and finish your order with a payment

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Ordering: ordering easily my favourite products?

If you place orders with your account more frequently, then you can find at the bottum of the page my orders your most ordered products. This allows you to click through to the product and immediately place your order. Handy when you frequently order the same products!

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Ordering: place an order by phone?

Of course we would like to receive your order! The easiest way is via our website because we both get a digital confirmation of the order. But of course you can also call 0900-order (0900-2378355 10ct p/m).
Caution! By telephone orders from individuals, we ask a direct telephone payment on your credit card. We will perform directly your payment online, you know immediately whether the payment was successful and that we are able to start the proces of your order.

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Order: recipient address accuracy
We rely on the information you provided. You should therefore, ensure yourself or the recipient is not on holiday or at home, the address (postcode and house number) are correct and / or receiver is not discharged from hospital. Returns of your order which has to do with one of these underlying reasons, does not entitle a new supply, delivery to a different address or a cancelling your order. We are not responsible for any incorrect address details provided by yourself. We therefore recommend you to check always the order confirmation.
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Order: when is my order successfully?
Your order is succesfully when your payment has been completed. Of course we always send an orderconfirmation automatic after approval of your payment. In this mail you will find an attachment with a pdf file which you can open.

You can also check your orders and attempts when you login into your account. Upper left you will get a more extensive menu, click on "my orders" and you will see a list of your orders.
Your order can have 3 states;  
- Waiting to pay> your payment is not successful, please contact us!
- Waiting to be processed> Your order is successful but not yet processed by us
- Processed> and your order is successful and has been processed for delivery  

If you hesitate the order is successful anyway? Please call of mail us. 
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Payment: what payment options to I have?

- IDEAL, when you use internet banking of the Rabobank, ABN AMRO bank, Postbank. You can log into your bank familiar surroundings and immediately make a payment. After choosing iDEAL as a payment option, choose your bank and the rest points are evident. Please note that for example for the Rabobank you need a random reader to finish your payment.
- Verified by Visa; super safe way to use your Visa card to pay
- MasterCard SecureCode; super secure way to pay your Mastercard
- American Express credit card
- Paypal, which is a popular payment method and is widely used worldwide. Your e-mail address (as user) is your accountnumber for these operations. To log in to count on your Paypal account, tap the e-mail address and the sum in a web form and send the data. Quick, easy and safe!
- On account, which is only possible for companies with an approved account. Ask for a business account for buying on a bill buying on a bill balloons and presents. 

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Payment: what is MasterCard ® SecureCode ™ and Verified by Visa?

MasterCard ® SecureCode ™ and Verified by Visa are the new standard for secure credit card payments on the Internet. In many European countries, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa are already operational for entrepreneurs and cardholders.

The new standard offers benefits for entrepreneurs also benefit for cardholders. They are sure that third parties can not abuse their data.

For more information, please refer to your card issuing bank. They can tell you more about this and can also see if your credit card has been provided already this security.

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Payment: is my payment safe and secure?

Your payment is protected and guaranteed. When you are on page 3 of 3, making your order final and starts to pay, you will leave our website and get on the screen of Ogone Payment Service Provider. This platform is specialized in the processing of secure, online payments and governs everything from a to z what the payment has to do. The web page for your payment, always starts with https: / / (note especially the s, which stands for secure connection!).

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Payment: can you provide a tax receipt for my records?

From every online order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. In this e-mail ia PDF file is attached in which your entire order is summarized. To open this file you need the Acrobat Reader software and this is easy to download via Internet. Also, all required tax information, and you can use the order number as a unique receipt number for processing in your accounts. A separate bill of an online paid order, we can not proved. If you are going to order regular on our website, we can recommend you a company account. This allows you as a company to take delivery, and you will receive a monthly invoice from us. 

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Payment: can you mail my confirmation again?

The confirmation of your order will be send once. But when you place your order on your business account, you can download your conformation on the page 'my orders' in PDF format.

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Order status: is my order received?
Your order is completed when your payment is successful or if you've placed it with a business account. With a successful order, you will receive an immediate confirmation of your order by e-mail.

If you log in with your business account, you can find on the page my orders your order history online.
There are 3 possible states;
- Waiting for payment, your payment is not successful. This order is not executed!
- Wait for processing, payment and your order is successful, but we haven't processed your order yet.
- Processed, we have processed your order to handle in the logistical process for a correct delivery.

Unfortunately it's not possible to give you a real-time update of where your bouquet is, or exactly what time your order is expected to arrive.
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Order status: has my order been delivered?

Of course you are waiting for a phone call from the receiver with a thank you for your thoughtful nature. We can imagine that you want to know if your order has been delivered so you can keep the surprise for yourselve.

Order delivery today;
When you're sure your order has been paid succesfully  and received by us (you have received an orderconfirmation by e- mail and/or if your order has the status 'awayting to process' or 'processed' in your account), then you can expect that your order is processed correctly and will be delivered today to the recipients. We can not provide you with up to date information or where your bouquet is located.

Order to delivery date in the past;
When you haven't received a thank you of the recipient, save the doubt again. Naturally! We can imagine that you want to be assured that your order has been delivered. Request us by e-mail or phone mentioning details of the order number and we will check whether you order has been delivered. When you can not find the ordernumber, it's also enough to give us the name of the recipient, delivery date and delivery place.

The process will take 1-2 business days, this has to do with the communication between the various stages. will do everything to provide you a clear answer as soon as possible!

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Order status: my order hasn't arrived, what now?

Please contact us and make sure your you have your order number or the delivery date and place at hand so we can search directly and take it in treatment. will strive to give a reply on your inquiry  within 1 to 2 days, with a foreign order it can take longer sometimes because of time differences and the many chains in question.

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Order status: how can I cancel my order?
When your order has been processed on, you can cancel until 2 working days before the date of implementation. The amount paid will be transferred to your account or will be returned to your credit card. Of the total amount 20% for administrative and banking costs will be retained with a minimum of € 5, -.
We can also provide you an online gift card which is valid indefinitely and you can pay later one or more orders. We provide this gift without deducting the above expenses.

Dissolution without giving any reasons after delivery of the order is emphatically not possible, also in connection with the shelf life of some products.
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Status order: can I claim a right of withdrawal
Under the conditions we follow from the Dutch Home Shopping Organization, you have the option to invoke your right of withdrawal.

Because of our product range it needs some additional explanation. The category falls under the category of flowers such are fresh products and are therefore excluded on this, but we have other products which are excluded. It does not seem logical to give these details on every product. You can be assured that the product you're able to invoke the right of withdrawal, we will give our cooperation to provide. The cost of return has to be paid by the purchaser / o the receiver.
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Delivery service: what are the delivery costs? delivers balloons throughout the Netherlands. Delivery will be determined on the basis of the postal code of the delivery address, the specific characteristics of the chosen product, the delivery time and any individual agreements. On average, the delivery service is charged € 7.95 within the Netherlands. For some Frisian Islands and areas in Zeeuws Vlaanderen extra costs will be charged. The exact cost of delivery is always calculated on page 3 of 3 before you finish your order and before you can pay online.
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Delivery service: what if the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient is not at home, the package will be delivered at one of the neighbours. If his neighbours are not home, the package will be offered at a later time again, mostly next working day, but only after telephone contact with the recipient. Also we will usually leave a callling card with a phone number which the recipient can respond as soon as he or she comes home or with the statement that the delivery has been delivered with the neighbours. If the recipient does not respond in time, then it is the customer's responsibility. is not responsible in such a case for not arriving of the order.


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Delivery service: prefering morning or afternoon delivery?
For some products, you can also choose delivery guarantees, for example, delivery before 10 hours. For this we have to count a substantial surcharge on the delivery to you. What amount that will be, is clearly indicated by this delivery guarantee. Your order will be delivered by a special courier service.
In every product you can create a preference in selecting delivery time, morning or afternoon. This is clearly a preference and can not be guaranteed. Of course we will do our utmost to deliver according to your preferences!

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Delivery service: are delivery times guaranteed?

In a part of our product assortment, you can select a delivery time guarantee. These guarantees increase the delivery service costs, what you immediately see when you select a delivery guarantee.
This guarantee delivery by courier service nationwide in accordance with the following supplements:
- Delivery Guarantee before 10.00 hours additional costs € 19.50
- Delivery Guarantee before 13.00 hours additional costs € 10.75
- Delivery Guarantee after 12.00 hours additional costs € 10.75

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Delivery service: requirements for sending to hospitals, hotels and campsites?

In order to be able to proper processing of your order, please always enter the following information! If this information is not entirely complete, we can not guarantee that your order is being properly processed and delivered.

Please be aware that some hospitals have a strict "no flower" policy for certain departments and wards. This also applies to plants. To avoid disappointment, please check before ordering that the hospital in question allows deliveries of fresh flowers/plants. In this case, do not combine a balloon with flowers. For delivery in hospitals, please fill in the room number and the department. Make sure that the patient has not left the hospital when we will deliver the flowers or present. In a short hospital stay, we advise you to send your order to the recipients house.

For delivery in hotels, please mention the room number and the name of the guest(s) (group, etc.).
For delivery on campsites, please mention the campnumber and place and the name of the guest (s) (group, etc.).

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Delivery service: is it possible to combine a balloon with for example champagne?
Of course, this is unique in You can vary and combine whatever you want, we can ensure that your balloon or champagne with your hug at the same time will be delivered at your delivery address. This option applies only to domestic orders.
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Delivery: what are the deliveryterms? is a member of the Dutch Homeshopping organization. In consultation with the consumers' organization the deliveryterms has been developed in 2009.
Our general delivery are based that and can be consulted online. 
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Gift certificates: how to order gift cards?

On you can order various gift cards  online.

The gift certificate  >This function will become active soon. Easy if you need or want to send at the last minute a gift card.
The National Flower Card can be returned to 1300 florists all over the Netherlands. From 40 pieces the National Flower Card can be printed with a short text or message. This card can be ordered from € 5, - (for larger numbers) and online a piece from € 7.50. 
The voucher hotel gift card nice gift for someone who has deserved a wonderful weekend. 

Gift cards will be send by post. For larger numbers additional costs related to the value will be sent registered.

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Customers' information: are my data stored?
Your data will be stored in our database. These are your name and address, phone number and e-mail address. This information will not be used for any purpose, and will not fall into the hands of a third party. 
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Customers' information: what about the privacy of my data?
Because supports the Model Code of Conduct for Electronic Business of the Electronic Commerce Platform Netherlands ( and conforms to the Personal Data Protection Act, we can guarantee you that we are a reliable online flower and gift shop.

In addition, is member of This ensures you as a customer that we comply with all statutes and codes of conduct drawn up to your right.
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Customers' information: can I retrieve my password?
No problem! Enter your e-mail address to the inlogpage, enter lost password and you will receive an immediate e-mail with your password.

Having problems? Please contact us.
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Customers' information: where can I change my account details?
Via the login page you can change your address details and preferences.
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Customer: what can I do with my account?
With your account from ordering online will be easier! We have created several functional menus to give you better service, see below the short-listed features:

- My account information> address / display; included - or excluded VAT / standard cost center for confirmations and invoices.
- My orders> overview of your orders / most ordered products overview for repeat orders
- My savingpoints> overview of your savingpoints / opportunity a coupon to mail or items to donate to a charity.
- My reminders> reminders for important dates to remember
- My address book> to actively use the fill / select your delivery address
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Newsletter: how can I deregister?
In the newsletter there is always a link which you can deregister from the newsletter. You can also log into your account and uncheck the newsletter off.
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Complaint: how can I report this?
If you have questions or doubt about your order, you can find many answers in the "frequently asked questions" page.

The fresh products supplied must meet the quality standards for the relevant products and other floricultural products. Complaints concerning visible defects in products which has been delivered  has to be notified immediately after observation or at least within 24 hours after delivery by phone or e-mail. Complaints concerning the delivery, has to be reported within 48 hours after the original date of delivery by the purchaser or recipient.

You can call us during office hours and on Saturdays at 0900-2378355 (15 ct / min) and of course 24 / 7 on mail.
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